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My name is Erica Cody, I am a mother of 4 amazing kids and I live a very active life keeping up with those kids. In the spring of 2011,

I was recovering from paralysis caused by Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) when I discovered lumps in my left breast. Panic set in. In my PTSD state of mind, the thought of dealing with another health crisis was horrifying.

I knew that I did not want to go through a mammogram. While dealing with GBS, I had been exposed to an excessive amount of radiation due to the necessary tests needed during that life threating health crisis. I had come across an article, “Why Mammography is NOT an Effective Breast Cancer Screen” on mercola.com that truly substantiated my thoughts on too much radiation exposure. The article also enlightened me on thermography, digital infrared thermal imaging! Thermography is a non-radiation, non-invasive, painless breast screening tool that has the ability to detect the vein structure that cancer needs to develop to feed itself before it can become dense enough to be detected through a mammogram. Allowing developing pathology, cancer, to be treated in the curtail early stages leads to the opportunity for a much greater rate of survival. Sign me up!!


After much searching, I found someone that offered a medical grade thermal scan. I had to drive quite a ways, but it was worth it. The breast scan did not take very long at all, less than 30 minutes! It was interesting to me that I had to turn 360 degrees while a series of images were taken. It was not just my breasts between two plates, so if I had pathology on my chest wall (this is just one of the many scenarios that a mammogram would not detect), it would be picked up in the thermal scan. I left feeling peace of mind that day. Even though I did not have the results, I was taking action to find out what the odd lumps were and not just worrying about what they could be. After a few days, I received my report via email. It was written by a medical doctor (MD) that specialized in thermal interpretation. The report indicated I had fibrocystic breasts due to getting older. I have an amazing doctor who once told me to be happy with getting older, the alternative is not so much fun!! I was happy at that moment to not be facing another health crisis.


I remember thinking that it would be great to make thermography available closer to home. Although I had every intention to return to Mechanical Engineering when my youngest went to school, I redirected my ambitions. Now my dream of making thermography more available in the “burbs” is a reality. I am happy to be here for those likeminded persons looking for radiation-free solutions to help them navigate their personal health care choices. It makes me smile to know that I am helping empower people to be proactive with their own health journey.